Dry Ice packs

Looking for ice replacements that can stay frozen longer, Don't leave a mess behind when they thaw and looking for a long lasting ice pack that can keep your Food and Drinks Chilled or frozen in your chilli bin for up to 7 times longer than ice, Then Look no further. These Dry ice packs are proven to be the world's best replacement for Dry ice and any form of ice. They are flexible even when they are frozen, Making them ideal for packing frozen food with maximum contact.

Phase Change Gel Bricks

Are you having trouble trying to keep your specimens, pathology samples etc frozen or chilled at a specific temperature, Here is your answer. Cryophase, A Product of Cryolux is a phase change material gel brick that is specially formulated to keep things at specific temperatures. These Phase change gel bricks can be frozen in regular freezers as long as the freezers can freeze to temperatures colder than the phase change temperature of the PCM gel brick. Cryolux Manufacture these PCM Ice packs in various temperature variants each designed to suit specific applications.

Bubble Ice pack

Looking to transport Cheese or chocolate or any temperature sensitive specimen including expensive Seafood. Here is a range of Bubble ice packs, That are specially designed with Bubble wrap on once side so the ice packs can still keep the things chilled or frozen however don't end up giving a freeze burn that may affect the texture of the product, the colour of the product. These Bubble Ice packs are widely used to store and transport Chocolate, Cheese, seafood, Pathology specimens in labs etc.

Cryolux Tuna Gullet Pack

The Key to Keeping Large Fish  Fresh till they reach the market is to ensure the inside of the fish freeze too. These Gullet ice packs are designed to be narrow and long and are usually inserted into the gullet of the fish so they keep the fish frozen or chilled from inside out. This ice pack is used in addition to the ice packs on the outside. The Gullet Packs are FDA approved Food Grade ice packs.

Disposable Dry Ice packs

Cryolux Manufacture a Range of Disposable Dry ice packs that are the best replacements of Ice. These Dry ice packs can keep frozen up to 7 times longer than the same volume of ice and are more efficient than any normal Ice pack. These are flexible when frozen and can be easily activated within minutes by soaking them in water before being frozen

Cold Chain Products and Solutions

Cryolux is a business by the Venturelabs group. Cryolux brings to the cold chain industry a wide range of innovative cold chain products and solutions that have been successfully deployed in some of the world's largest Supermarkets, Pharmaceutical labs and Online groceries. Cryolux is continuously looking to expand its distribution. If you think you would be interested in being a part of the a growing sector. Please express your interest with this form and one of our Business development managers will be in touch with you