Dry ice packs

Cryolux Manufacture a range of both Reusable Dry ice packs and Disposable Dry ice packs that are proven to be the world’s best replacement for Ice. These Ice replacements can keel chill up to 7 times longer that the same volume of ice. Click here to Order your Dry ice packs

Phase Change Materials

PCM Gel Bricks

Cryolux Manufacture a Range of PCM gel bricks that can keep things frozen at specific temperature ranges like -20 C PCM gel brick , -15 C PCM gel brick , -12 C PCM Gel brick etc. These Pcm Gel bricks are formuated to ensure they keep the specific temperature for the longest duration . See a Range of PCM Gel Bricks

Instant Heat Pack – 20 Hrs | Instant Ice pack

Cryolux has just invented a Disposable Heat pack that can keep your body warm for 20Hrs !! The Temperature ranges from 72C to 45C and is perfect to keep you warm throughout the day during winter.These Heat packs have been very popular for heat therapy to keep even Pet warm during winter. Cryolux Also Manufacture a range of Instant Ice packs for For First Aid and Cold therapy.   See Instant Ice packs & Heat packs

Insulated Pallet Covers | Insulated Mailers | Insulated Cartons

  Cryolux also offers a Full range of Cold chain shippers to keep your produce at the right temperature. Cryolux Offer an innovative one of its kind 9 Layer Pallet cover bag that can shields 99% of the heat with multiple layers of Aluminium, Insulation foam, bubble wrap and textile to help keep the products cold as well as protect the payload from any external damages. Cryolux also makes Insulated mailers that are specially designed to keep your produce chilled or frozen during transport. These mailers are also commonly used by Pathology Labs to ensure the specimens don’t freeze. Besides the above, Cryolux Also Manufacture Innovative Insulated Cartons to keep things chilled during transport. These Flat pack boxes are easy to store and easy to dispose of without affecting the environment.

Insulated Pallet Covers

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